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michelle. thirty-something. bostonian who loves her teams. fangirl. extreme shipper. photoshopper and doctor who devotee. has a fondness for vampires. loves billie piper, jennifer morrison, emma watson, kate winslet, scarlett johansson, kristen stewart, zooey deschanel, chris pine, robert pattinson, poppy montgomery, jorja fox, alan rickman, david tennant, kate beckinsale, eva green, daniel craig, clive owen, joseph gordon-levitt, ohn simm, and richard armitage way, way too much

from me, you'll find icons of celebs, mood themes, requests, and fandom related picspams from time to time. i am a shipper at heart and can find romance just about anywhere.

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michele with one "l". young once, immature forever. geeky mom. homeschool nutjob. very strongly opinionated. loves all things sci-fi. has a slight fetish for david tennant. also an unhealthy obsession with doctor who. fangirls rome, torchwood, star trek, entourage, 80's & 90's movies, and political pundits.

i'll be sharing icons, wallpapers, banners & headers, mini-fanmixes, and requests. stuff off the beaten path from my usual fandoms. i snark out of love.

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80's movies, 90's movies, alan rickman, alien invasions, aliens, arthur/ariadne, bananas, banners, barack obama, bbc, billie piper, burn gorman, calvin and hobbes, camille coduri, captain jack, chris pine, christopher eccleston, clive owen, cybermen, dalek, daleks, dancing, daniel craig, david tennant, democrat, doctor who, doctor who fic, doctor who headers, doctor who icons, doctor/rose, doctor/rose fic, donna noble, dr who, elisabeth sladen, emma watson, entourage, eva green, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, ferris bueller, freema agyeman, gallifrey, gareth david-lloyd, george takei, gwen cooper, hayden panettiere, headers, hugh laurie, ianto jones, icons, inception, jack harkness, jack/gwen, james kyson lee, jennifer morrison, john barrowman, john simm, jorja fox, k9, kai owen, kate beckinsale, kate winslet, keith olbermann, kirk, kristen stewart, liberal, lis sladen, mel brooks, mickey smith, nine, nine/rose, noah bennet, noah gray-cabey, noel clarke, oliva wilde, omnisexuality, owen harper, politics, poppy montgomery, queen victoria, rassilon, regeneration, richard armitage, robert pattinson, robot dogs, robots, romana, rome, rose tyler, russell t davies, sarah jane smith, scarlett johansson, sci-fi, science fiction, scotty, sf, spaceballs, spaced, spock, spock/uhura, star trek, tardis, ten, ten ii/rose, ten/rose, the doctor, the fifth element, the haitian, the master, the ninth doctor, the tardis, the tenth doctor, time lords, time machines, time travel, torchwood, torchwood icons, toshiko sato, uhura, wallpapers, zooey deschanel